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State aid transparency

Disclosure obligations for public disbursements: State aid and de minimis aid received are contained in the National Register of State aid pursuant to art. 52 of Law 234/2021 and which can be consulted at the following link, entering as a search key in the FISCAL CODE field: 02407640842

Official website PO FESR Sicilia 2014-2020:


PO FESR Sicily 2014/2020
Action 3.3.4 – Support for the competitiveness of businesses in tourist destinations”
D.D.G. n 2518/7S of 07/08/2019
Financial support €80,728.08.
prog. No. 163213090087 – CUP G87J18000400007

The proposed project consists in the expansion of an accommodation facility (Affittacamere) located in Menfi (AG), through the construction of a swimming pool with annexed services (parking also serving the restaurant business), which will allow to raise the quality of the proposed offer, accommodate a greater number of users, with a consequent increase in the company’s production capacity. The idea consists in enhancing an existing hospitality reality in order to bring lifeblood and new perspectives to the tourist fabric of the municipality of Menfi since the structure, which will result, will be characterized by innovative services, highly competitive from a qualitative-quantitative point of view and based on an inclusive and eco-sustainable business model. An “innovative tourist product” will be offered, with the active involvement of the tourist, supported by emerging ICTs, eco-innovations aimed at reducing the environmental impact and the proposal of new “themes” such as trekking, food and wine and cultural itineraries, visits to local realities. The structure thus configured, will allow you to visit, learn and enjoy all the peculiarities of the surrounding area. A model will be proposed that will generate a real resource for the area, offering it an opportunity for growth towards wider tourist seasons that allow for the creation of a solid organizational infrastructure for owners, guests and tourists. The activity will also include an aspect of an ethical nature, since, thanks to particular attention to issues related to inclusion, energy saving and enhancement of the area, it will allow you to enjoy a holiday in respect of resources towards greater social, environmental and economic sustainability.


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